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Imagine it.... Let us handle the details!


Masterfully Executing Your Vision.

817 Construction has all of the knowledge and resources to get the job done right. We provide clients with a wide range of construction services. Whatever your need...our work is masterfully executing your vision.


Founder BIO

Paul Guidry, Owner of 817 Construction LLC


With a background spanning engineering, environmental management, and construction, Paul Guidry brings a wealth of expertise to 817 Construction LLC. His journey began with a degree in AS Engineering Graphic Design from Brazosport College, followed by a BS in Environmental Management from the University of Houston, Clear Lake.


Paul's career trajectory reflects his diverse skill set. He served as Head of Maintenance at the Brazosport Fine Arts Council, honing his management and maintenance capabilities. His role as a Drafting Contractor allowed him to contribute to various industries, from airport architecture expansions to intricate 3D designs of automated machinery.


Transitioning into environmental roles, Paul became an Environmental Investigator at Harris County Pollution Control, conducting thorough inspections and investigations to ensure regulatory compliance. His tenure at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as a SaaS Programmer and GIS Analyst further deepened his understanding of environmental systems and technology.


In 2007, Paul ventured into the realm of remodeling and landscaping as the Owner Operator of Full Circle Remodeling and Landscaping LLC in Austin, TX. His expertise expanded into construction management when he founded Black Butte Builders LLC in Bend, OR, managing projects with precision and professionalism.


Currently based in Fort Worth, TX, Paul continues his legacy of excellence as the Owner Operator of 817 Construction LLC. His commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction drives every project, ensuring that clients receive top-notch construction services tailored to their needs.


For inquiries or project collaborations, reach out to Paul Guidry at (817) 706-0388 or email

 "Paul is professional, honest and dedicated.  An honorable contractor!"

"You can't go wrong with 817 Construction.  They did an amazing job, completely exceeded all expectations!"

"817 stayed on budget and finished ahead of schedule.  Enough said!"

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